Memento mori – remember you will die

Memento mori - remember you will die

If people become very successful in life they tend to have this feeling they are immortal and some even think they are the god. The most famous dialogue from this Sacred Games- season 1, ‘Kabhi Kabhi Lagta Hai Apun hi Bhagwan hai”’ summaries this feeling of feeling invincible.


However, this very feeling has caused the downfall of successful people. The Romans knew this very and had a way to handle this. It’s said that when a general returned in glory to ancient Rome, he was accompanied in his procession through the streets by a slave whose job it was to remind him that his triumph would not last forever. “Memento mori,” the slave whispered into the general’s ear: “remember you will die”. Let’s also remember that our success is not to be taken for granted!

Listen to this awesome podcast on Gratitude and how it can keep you happy!

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