Dogfooding Your own advice

After reading the above brilliant quote from Darren Hardy (author of Compound effect) I have become self-aware of a phenomenon which has been happening all the time. I have noticed that I am treating myself on a different weighing scale (mostly lower) when it comes to giving advice. Most often the bar at which I am using for the other is higher and often I would have not done things which I am advising others to do. This is happening subconsciously without me being aware of it. As an example, I could be advising a friend on how he can improve his LinkedIn profile so that his profile stands out. During this process, I would have given a bunch of advice but when I look back at my own LinkedIn profile I would not have even implemented 50% of what am recommending. Due to this, I am watching myself closely while giving advice and checking if the same advice is also applicable to me. In fact I am noting those things and immediately working on those pieces of advice.

This has helped me find tons of space of improvement and I see this as a good check point to see if you are making constant progress on self improvement.I call this phenomenon as “Dogfooding your own advice”

Do try it and you will see what I mean 🙂

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