Danger of a Single Story

One of the many things which i have noticed over the past few years has been how wrong I have been about my perception of many folks whom am meeting face to face for the first time. Before I meet them I would have probably read about them on their LinkedIn profile or other social media profiles. Or would have known about the person by an introduction given by a colleague or friend. Based on the short piece of information I would have made up my mind how the person could be. What i have realized is that more than 95% of time my impression of a person got changed with in the first 30-45 mins of interaction and all those thoughts which I had decided earlier about our interaction are mostly thrown out of the window. So these days I am more open and don’t form an impression(and pre judge) unless I have met the person couple of times.

Today I watched this lovely TED video on the danger of a single story and could see that we often make up an opinion of a race or country of people based on a single narrative and story. It is the reason why India is seen as a land of snake charmers and naked people by westerners and the reality is often not even close to the narrative. We need to become more aware of this and get to see all the stories before we make up our minds on people,countries,places etc. The following TED video has been ranked as one of the greatest speeches ever made under a project curated by James Clear, do watch as it will help you open your mind.

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