Seven Reasons to Start Writing a Daily Journal in 2020

Have you stopped yourself from starting a daily journal because you didn’t know what to write? Journaling need not be difficult. It helps you to deconstruct your thoughts, your behavior, and your likes and dislikes. By writing a journal you allow your thoughts to flow. Your brain absorbs them so that you can do better next time. A successful journaling habit can lead you to a better and happy life. And a happy person means a great performer!

Still a bit skeptical? Let’s look at 7 reasons to start deconstruction journaling in 2020. 

1. Organizing your thoughts: Ask an average performer what are your top 5 goals for 2020 or top 10 reasons that make you happy, and the most likely answer might be “Umm, I haven’t thought about it!” As Robin Sharma, the leadership expert, says, “vague thinking leads to vague production.” But when you start journaling, you get better at organizing your thoughts, which leads to better decisions.

2. Fosters hope: Yes, journaling helps to foster hope. If you’re going through a bad phase in life, write about it in your journal. Emphasize how you want your life to be. Once you start doing this, your brain starts to train itself to focus on something that is better and bigger!

3. It allows you to repeat and relive your favourite experiences: If you have been to an awesome restaurant, write about it in your journal. Read a great book or watched a thought-provoking movie? Write about it in your journal. Journaling lets you repeat and relive your favourite experience over and over again.

4. Imprints deliberate gratitude: We tend to take the good things in life for granted. The practice of deliberate gratitude, where you take intentional action, is the perfect way to be more aware of the good things in your life. Journaling helps to dial in and focus on those positive things in your life.

5. Release low energy emotions through journaling: Life is like a season where you feel different emotions at different times. You could be on top of a mountain, and the next moment you can be in the valley. There could be people around you who would want to destroy you, hurt you. Journaling helps to process your low-energy emotions. It helps process the pains, and translate it to forgiveness, compassion, and love. Journaling is a great tool that helps you to move through those difficult times in life.

6. Exponential learning ability: You learn something everyday. Writing these beautiful nuggets that you come across in your day-to-day life in a journal will help you assimilate them in your mind. These insights will then drive your behaviour to make you a better person

.7. Allows you to record your remarkable life: Last but not the least, journaling helps to document your remarkable life. Random acts of kindness. A moment of gratitude. Words of wisdom that you heard. Write all of them down in your journal. As you imbibe these words and moments through journaling, you will be able to bring out the best in you and that’s what will make you unstoppable!

The best time for journaling

Journaling is a habit that develops over time. You need to incorporate it into your daily routine and find time to leverage the power of a journal. For example, if you are a frequent traveler, you can use the airplane time for journaling. Or, you can wake up early in the morning to write about things that you liked from the previous day in your journal. You can also do it as your bedtime ritual. Whatever works for you, but it is important to make it a habit.

Though there are digital options for maintaining a journal, there is magic in the pen to paper connection. The thoughts flow better and are internalized more deeply when we write in a journal

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