Books I read in 2020

2020 and Covid induced lockdown meant that I listened a lot of books this year by cutting down on the podcast. Here are the books which I read this year. They are listed in the order of impact, except for the last one which I am still reading.

  1. How will you measure your life by Clay Chirstenson – Amazing book which introduces the best management theories and how they apply in personal life. Some real gems on parenting and marketing here.
  2. Hyper focus by Chris Bailey – This is very simple book , most of the gist is covered in the 3-4 chapters . It has helped me focus on work by segregating personal and professional time on my laptop. Has been very impactful.
  3. Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris. – This is an amazing book which gave me mentoring insights on atleast 50+ famous personalities. Tim asks the same questions to all of them and it gives a very good ideas on different approaches. This is a book which I will listen many times because it gives great perspective. Highly recommended! It is 17 hours on Audible but each chapter is 10-15 mins and can be listened to independently
  4. Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade This is the second book by Robert Cialdini and is a must read for marketers and leaders. It talks about how we can persuade others to take action, very insightful and have helped me design some great marketing pages.
  5. Persuasion Slide by Robert Dooley – This books gives a framework for designing content (landing page , presentation). It is a simple yet powerful framework which is summarised in this presentation which I gave on PitchCamp. Highly recommended for all marketing folks
  6. Make it Stick By Perter Brown – This is a book about learning and gives a great insight into the process of learning. Discovered this on an Ali Abdal’s youtube video and then read it. It is very impactful personally and is a must read for all kids. It will change the way they will learn!
  7. What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshal Goldsmith – This is a great book to discover what you are doing wrong as a leader and then take corrective actions. Though it is easier to discover stuff but harder to change.
  8. The Almanack of Naval Ravikanth – The only book which I read this year(rest are audible books) is a great summary of Naval’s teaching. Some of them have been very impactful , will be a great reread next year too.
  9. Building a story brand by Donald Miller – Great book on building brands using the story brand framework. This is the last book for 2020 and will hopefully finish this by 31st Dec.

This year has been extremely reflective one and hence the choice of books are driven based on those reflections. Lets see what comes in 2021!. This is part of the Yearend Review where I am reflecting on the learnings in 2020.

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