About Me

An experienced professional with interests in  digital marketing ,long term investing , building teams , meditation and self learning.

Have worked on a bunch of things in the past

  • Built a News Aggregator
  • Created a Technical Analysis based Stock recommendation service
  • Built a content business and scaled it to 3 member team.
  • Worked on a start-up in the retail domain for ~2 years.
  • Shifted from Telecom domain to Digital marketing and now work at a real estate startup heading their marketing function.

This blog is a dairy where i chronicle my learnings as I find that the best way to internalize any learning is by writing about it.Writing it in a blog allows me to get feedback from others.Would love to meet people over a cup of coffee to discuss anything from digital marketing , investing , building team, meditation etc.

Would love to get connected over email should you have questions on the blog articles or any other topics. You can reach out to me at avinashmkb78(at)gmail.com

Avinash M B

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