End of History Illusion

I came across this concept of the end of history illusion twice within a span of 2 weeks by two different authors using different examples to showcase its impact. But the concept in Farnam Street podcast discussion with Neil Parishca was the one which struck deep as it talked about this frame of mind to... Continue Reading →

Danger of a Single Story

One of the many things which i have noticed over the past few years has been how wrong I have been about my perception of many folks whom am meeting face to face for the first time. Before I meet them I would have probably read about them on their LinkedIn profile or other social... Continue Reading →

Dogfooding Your own advice

After reading the above brilliant quote from Darren Hardy (author of Compound effect) I have become self-aware of a phenomenon which has been happening all the time. I have noticed that I am treating myself on a different weighing scale (mostly lower) when it comes to giving advice. Most often the bar at which I... Continue Reading →

Diderot Effect

Around a month back met a friend who has moved into a new home and told me that after 2 weeks in the new home he decided to buy a refrigerator costing 1 lakh. Having known him for over 25 years this sort of spending seemed very unlike him.When asked he said his wife and... Continue Reading →

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