Danger of a Single Story

One of the many things which i have noticed over the past few years has been how wrong I have been about my perception of many folks whom am meeting face to face for the first time. Before I meet them I would have probably read about them on their LinkedIn profile or other social... Continue Reading →

Dogfooding Your own advice

After reading the above brilliant quote from Darren Hardy (author of Compound effect) I have become self-aware of a phenomenon which has been happening all the time. I have noticed that I am treating myself on a different weighing scale (mostly lower) when it comes to giving advice. Most often the bar at which I... Continue Reading →

Diderot Effect

Around a month back met a friend who has moved into a new home and told me that after 2 weeks in the new home he decided to buy a refrigerator costing 1 lakh. Having known him for over 25 years this sort of spending seemed very unlike him.When asked he said his wife and... Continue Reading →

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