[One Story a Day] –What is the story ?

A well-known photographer was talking to a new writer who was an intern at a reputed magazine about how one can change the story based on what he chose to focus on his stories. The writer naively asks what he means by that. The photographer says that we can choose to showcase any event as positive or negative based on what angles which we take in a story. He suggested the writer look at the pictures which he had taken of a famous socialite’s party yesterday. He had taken 100s of photos of the event and but he shortlisted only 10 pictures which showed guests in a very happy mood and excited. After seeing the 10 pictures he asked the writer how he would rate the party?  The young writer said that this must have been an exciting party to attend. It was indeed exciting, but he asked him to wait.

Then the writer showed him another 10 images of the same party (he did not say that these are the same party) and asked him his opinion. This time he chose pictures of guests who were bored, yawning and some even dozing off as the socialite was speaking on the stage. Based on this the young writer said that this is surely a boring party.  Later the photographer said that these two sets of pictures are from the same party.  It is only what we chose to focus on or show. So as a writer, you can choose to showcase a story based on the facts which you choose, so you need to be having a balanced view else you may be reporting the wrong story. This was an important lesson for the writer.

Source:  This is a story written by me based on athe podcast which I listened featuring Derek Sivers where is talked about his learnings from the book Awakening the Giant by Tony Robbins.


Just like the story can change based on what narratives or angles which we choose to showcase, we can also use the power of narratives to focus on the positive side of things when faced with a challenge. It is all in the perspective which you carry, so what is seen as adversity can change to be an opportunity just by changing our focus

This story is part of a curation initiative called as “One Story a Day” started by me during the start of COVID-19 and we have over 150+ stories posted already.

If you would like to receive one bite-sized story(<5mins read/listening time) which will help in your self-development & reflection, please follow the link below to join the “One Story a Day” WhatsApp group.

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The promise of “One Story a Day “ WhatsApp group.

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